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Monday, September 14, 2009
Hey everyone, we have moved to a new site, as well as renamed the blog.
We will no longer be updating here!

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Bye bye Wonderland of Anime!

La Corda d'Oro ~Chapter 60~

Monday, August 31, 2009


Since the Sports Festival ended, Seiso Academy has been preparing for the Cultural Festival - and Hino has been enduring the stress of practicing to pursuit perfection with the help of Tsukimori. However the pursuit to perfection isn't the only thing she has in mind. Ever since Ryotaro said that he wanted to tell her something after the concours, she has been trying to figure out what it could possibly be. She comes across with a suggested conclusion that it's going to be a confession - but then she quickly pushes that aside claiming that she's thinking too much.
Kaji appears at the rooftop to chat with her. They talk about their class play, where Kaji is Romeo. He admits he would've preferred Hino being Juliet, but understands that she has alot on her hands right now. Hino asks what instrument he plays since he seems really familiar with music, but then suddenly said she'd go and buy them drinks and asked him to hold her violin.
When she returns, she hears Kaji playing with her violin. She is surprised to see that he's a violinist, but he corrects her and says he plays the Viola, but it's just a hobby of his that he keeps as a secret.

Later on, Hino gathers with the others where they discuss about Hihara's idea of a small scale performance to advertise the school's events. Everyone thinks it's a good idea and that it sounds like fun, and that they'll play an opening piece that is quick and has a bouncy tune. With that decided, they go and tell Kanazawa-sensei about their decision.

After school, the group gathers once more and decides to go to a new cafe that Yunoki would be treating the juniors only - in other words, Hihara would have to pay for his own treat. Hino notices that Ryotaro isn't around, and Yunoki explains that he went to retrieve something he forgotten. Right on the cue, back inside the school Ryotaro runs into Tsukimori who is also leaving - with no other choice the two of them walk to the exit together.

Ryotaro can't help but feel very awkward since he blurted out that he's going to confess to Hino after the Concours to Tsukimori last time they talked. Uncertain whether to bring it up, Tsukimori who happened to have a similar thought in his mind suddenly asked him: What was it that Ryotaro liked about Hino?
Ryotaro is surprised and tells him the reasons why, but then quickly stops himself and decides to change the topic to when is Tsukimori gong to leave for his studies abroad. Tsukimori looked pained when he tells Ryotaro the date, leaving the pianist dumbfounded and shocked, ending the chapter with no answer but him replying, "-.... ....Eh? ... That day is...".


*cries* Tsukimori-kun~ don't leave us! ; _ ; - I'll get back to this in a second.

I found it funny how Hino is facing all this hatred and negative energy from all these people (excluding Tsukimori). Her mind has become sharper and her determination has not faltered once. Currently, Hino is truly inspiring to the readers since she's going against what everyone says about her, and wants to prove them wrong.

It seems her lessons with Tsukimori is going well, but there's a part that she always messes up, and that might be the most critical part of her performance that she would be worried about.

-Back to Tsukimori:
On the last page as the cliffhanger, Ryotaro is left saying: "-.... ....Eh? ... That day is..."

Which gives us three options of what that day maybe...

A) The day After the Concours/ Cultural Festival
B) The day Of the Concours/ Cultural Festival
C) The day Before the Concours/ Cultural Festival

Pretty general, but if its B, then that's pretty specific.

-_-* Yeah, I know: these are really bad theories.


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Tokyo Magnitude Ep 8

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Taking place where Yuuki had suddenly fallen unconscious. Mari runs to get help where Yuuki can be treated at a hospital. Horrified and tired Mirai keeps on visualizing Yuuki dead in her nightmares. This happens twice, though the second time she wakes up she finds herself outside resting on bedrolls and looked to the one beside her, where her brother's bag rested. Getting up she searches for her brother, where she finds him playing soccer with some other children. She calls him over and tells him not to leave her side and to continue to rest, even though the doctor said it was alright for him to run again. The two of them talk and share fits of laughter. Mirai also shares her nightmare how she thought he had died. They then get up to return to Mari, while Mirai tells him to promise her that whenever he is having the slightest pain, or he isn't feeling well, tell her immediately.

Elsewhere Mari listens to the news about her home, and is suddenly called by the receptionist to receive her documents that she had requested. When she returns to where Mirai was previously resting and then takes Yuuki's backpack in search for them. Eventually she finds them and they start off again to return to their journey back home. Mirai decides to carry Yuuki's backpack since she wants him to rest. She remarks how it's surprisingly heavy.

While walking through the park, Mirai notices how Mari is acting usual, and decides to try and reassure her by telling her that her family is waiting for her back at home safely. Mari wipes her eyes and thanks Mirai and asks if she wants her to carry the backpack. Mirai refuses since she said that Yuuki was able to carry it, and that she's his sister. She then runs off to catch up to Yuuki leaving Mari behind with an uncertain expression on her face and follows after her.


My god this episode was driving me insane, freaking me out, making me sit at the edge of my seat desperately waiting to see if Yuuki was alright or not. It was so nerve-wracking not knowing if Yuuki was alive or not. I was freaking out because I couldn't tell whether it was a dream or not. And when Mirai started acting a bit out of character, I was starting to wonder if she was pretending that he was actually alive - or maybe he isn't...I'm still confused.
Mari knows something that she hasn't told the children yet, I don't know what it is, but I'm starting to worry whether she found out that their parents are actually dead, or that her mother and daughter are not alright, or even possibly that Yuuki is dead and Mirai is facing illusions since she doesn't want to believe it. Either way, I'm looking forward for the next episode. I'm hoping that Mari's family is alright. It'd be devastating if they aren't. Mirai character has changed drastically - though I'm not sure if this is because, (like I just said) she is pretending that Yuuki isn't dead.

There was something that made me concerned about this; especially since when Mari went to where Mirai was previously resting, she called out Mirai's name alone, not Yuuki's. And this happened twice.
And Mari is also acting strangely. She's too quite, and I don't remember seeing her smile (other that the nightmares moments). There's something going on, and I'm not comfortable with what the answer could be.

Umi Monogatari Ep 8

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The childhood flashback begins, where the two girls are playing hide and seek. Joyous laughter and horrified screams from being startled, and of course dancing with the whales - life couldn't get better.
While Kanon returns to the surface with Warin, the sea being explains how Marin and Urin aren't blood related in any way, and how they sea beings are born from sea shells, so they don't know how their parents are. However Marin waited for Urin to be born and acknowledged her as her little sister.
Back where Marin is resting, she keeps on telling herself that Urin is waiting for her as if trying to reassure herself, still unable to transform.

When Kanon returns home, her mother tells her that Kojima came by to see if she was alright since he saw her swimming in the ocean. Though not too long later, Kanon receives a call from Ooshima who requests her to meet up.

Kanon learns the truth that Kojima never actually dumped her, but she has indirectly done so, but never clarified it. Ooshima also confessed that she never felt this way for anyone and that she really wants to be Kojima's girlfriend, and asked if Kanon was still in love with him.
Indeed Kanon is still in love with him, it was just her own fault from misunderstanding his actions of kindness.

Back in the sea, Marin returns to the fallen shrine that is now in ruins. Matsumoto becomes suspicious from the amount of ominous energy. Marin ignores him and tries to break her way into the strange looking bubble that suddenly starts to drag her in, harming both Sam and Warin when they came to her rescue. When they are safe, Warin scolds Marin for acting so rashly and that she can't go and save Urin without her maiden powers. Warin then suggests that she returns to Kanon house where she can probably learn from Kanon, who has darkness in her heart - and yet she can still use her maiden powers.
With that done, they all retreat leaving Urin alone, who is told that the sea beings have left, and her asking why did they have to do. How she hates being alone. The eerie voice that she speaks to tells her that no one will ever come back, no one will return...No one.


I was surprised that they actually put in the Opening since it looked as if it wasn't going to have one this episode - but it proved me wrong. The episode overall was pretty boring, and it was cute to see Marin and Urin when they were younger.
I'm not sure what's lacking in this anime, but I'm starting to get bored because of how slow the plot going - though I'm not certain whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. The last two episodes didn't entertain me, and I'm starting to not want to blog this anymore. However I'll give the next episode one more chance to see if something will kick in, though according to the preview, it doesn't look promising - but then again, I could be underestimating this.

Umi Monogatari Ep 7


Surprise, surprise; the servant who had disobeyed Sedna's orders and was turned back into its original form was actually the Elder Turtle's daughter, who will join their team. However, every since Urin disappeared, Marin been depress and is determined to save her - alone.
Immediately she decides to return to the sea in search for her younger sister and bring her back. Kanon who wishes accompany her is told to search somewhere in her house for the Porterius Ring, that will allow her to breathe underwater, which she eventually found.

While deep under the sea Marin reunites with Warin and Sam who joins her in search for her sister - however frustrated and desperate, Marin claims she wants to do it alone so that she proves to Urin that she sincerely cares about her.
But before she could swim off into the eerie worn down shrine, a monstrous squid appears and attacks them. Marin refuses to backdown and is determined to get by it - however her powers aren't working and is hopeless in this battle.

Luckily, Kanon appears just in time and battles the giant squid, and then tries the purifying method that Marin usually does - and successfully purified the beast, who turned out to be a pug that belonged to a fisherman who she knows of, in the mean time searching for his dog. She returns the dog back to the surface where he is reunited with his owner.

Kanon, Marin, Sam, Warn and the two turtles all hurry into the shrine where there is overflowing dark energy. The Elder Turtle is suddenly startled to see the seal removed, where then right on the cue, loads of energy erupted from the once sealed coffin, where then revealed Urin within a cocoon.

Marin desperately cries out for her sister to come back and return to her side and tells her not to accept that dark power. As she takes a step closer Urin lashes out a blinding light where the cavern starts to collapses as they are blown away, leaving them no choice but to retreat.


The episode was pretty good. The quality was really good and I'm happy to see that Kanon is starting to accept the role of the Sky Maiden. I think that Kanon makes a better priestess since she has a grip of what reality really like. For Marin, she's thinks - or rather thought life was good and bright where happiness will always be around them. But with her sister gone, it's definitely a wake up call for Marin, which will help her develop her own character.
Marin was acting very reckless this episode, and I was entertained (strangely enough) that she couldn't use her powers and that it was up to Kanon to take care of things.

It seems next week going to continue getting interesting, it seems that there will be a flashback about Marin's and Urin's childhood. I suspect it'll be somewhat boring and cute at the same time. Well whatever, I'll bare with it.